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From routine doctor visits to the most advanced procedures, we’re here for you. Our physicians specialize in orthopedic surgery and handle the diagnosis and treatment of injuries of the bones, muscles and ligaments in both adults and children.

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    Patients’ Testimonials

    He is One of the Most experienced and Leading Sports Surgen in Mumbai

    Dr Arvind Yadav

    Very good listener. Gives times and explains things nicely.. I would recommend him to everyone..

    Kunal Turukmane

    Incredibly good with his work, very effective consultation with proper remedy. Had an implant surgery for a distal humerus fracture, Under his medication and diagnosis, my recovery has been way faster than expected. Highly Recommend Dr Gawai for any orthopedic solutions.

    Savio Richard Gonsalves

    A lot of thanks to all people who working with in this orthopedic clinic, am very happy to choosing your amazing clinic. Everything was perfect, the team working, service and special thanks to my doctors.

    Ishita Joshi

    My doctor performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee. He was attentive and fixed me up. His nurses and all team members were always helpful. The anesthesiologist was awesome as was the clinical staff. Thank you!


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